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What It Does: Apparently, Bloomberg is a jack of many trades. The company’s software arm provides enterprise applications such as equity trading platforms and analytics and financial software tools. Its data arm provides data services. Its media arm includes a global television network (Bloomberg Television), radio stations (Bloomberg Radio), a news agency (Bloomberg News), a couple of magazines (Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg Markets), and subscription-based newsletters.

Mission: Their mission is to leverage the power of digital technology to make accurate information on the financial markets available to global decision-makers and enable them to make quicker and better-informed decisions.

Size and Presence: The size of the company's workforce in the UK is unknown, but the company has an office at 3, Queen Victoria Street. Walbrook, London. This office serves as the company’s headquarters in Europe. The size of the workforce is estimated to be in the thousands.

Best Known For: Bloomberg is best known as one of the most credible sources of financial news to companies and organisations involved in the capital markets. The company brings transparency to the capital markets. It’s one of the largest media companies in the world.

The Good Bits: Bloomberg offers numerous mouth-watering benefits to its employees, even new graduates. The pay is very competitive. There are several opportunities for employees in this company.

The Not-So-Good Bits: Temporary workers don’t get to enjoy the employment benefits as much as full-time employees.

The Bloomberg Story

In 1981, Salomon Brothers were acquired, and Micheal Bloomberg, being one of the partners, received a $10 million settlement which he used to start Innovative Market Systems. Bloomberg designed software that provided real-time financial information to Wall Street companies. He named this software "Bloomberg Terminal" and launched it in the market in 1982. Merrill Lynch was his first customer, and he invested in the company via a 30% equity stake. In 1986, the company rebranded to Bloomberg Limited Partnership (Bloomberg L.P).

In 1990, Bloomberg launched what we know today as Bloomberg News. The company’s website - www.bloomberg.com, was launched in 1993. It contained information on the financial markets, currency conversion, significant news, and events. In 1996, Bloomberg purchased part of Merrill's 30% stake, which was worth $200 million. In 2008, Merill sold the remaining stake to the company. In 2010, Bloomberg began the construction of a new building in the heart of London that will house all its employees in the city.

Culture & Vibe

Bloomberg is a people-centric organisation. Some of its values include collaboration, diversity, and inclusion. The company believes in activating the potential of every employee to ensure their collective success, which becomes the company's success by extension. Bloomberg is an equal-opportunity employer. It opens its doors to every qualified personnel and is blind to concepts such as race, religion, sexuality, gender, and social background. The company also welcomes innovation and creativity and values the opinions and contributions of its employees. The company's workers lend a supporting hand to each other, and this is one of the reasons Bloomberg will make a fine company for fresh graduates and interns.

Career Prospects

The company offers numerous career prospects through its Early Career Programs, which include the Discovery and Diversity program, which is targeted at fresh graduates and interns to make them ready for their careers. The company also offer an apprenticeship program that helps students to gain real-time work experience, receives mentoring from experts, and further their education. The internship program equips enterprising interns with the relevant professional skills they need. Finally, there's the Full-Time program for recent graduates or employees with few years of experience.

Recruitment Process

Depending on the role applied for, the hiring process generally includes the following:

  • Phone interview or a pre-recorded video interview
  • Technical or language assessment
  • The final interview
  • The job offer and onboarding


Bloomberg pays its fresh graduates an annual average salary of £40,000.


  • Health benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Fitness
  • Childcare
  • Elderly care
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transportation benefits
  • Employee discounts

Social Contributions

The company is an active supporter of diverse voices in the media and arts. Through three of its initiatives, Bloomberg sources, trains, and upskills journalists from all backgrounds.



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