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What It Does: Pfizer develops and produces various medicines for different fields of medicine, such as Oncology, Immunology, Neurology, Endocrinology, and Cardiology. The company also designs and produces some medical equipment used in hospitals.

Mission: Pfizer's mission is to become the most valuable company to patients, investors, colleagues, customers, stakeholders, and the communities where they work and reside.

Size and Presence: Pfizer employs about 2,500 workers across 7 locations in the UK. The company's UK headquarters is located in Tadworth, Surrey.

Best Known For: In 2001, Pfizer UK won the Queen's Award for Enterprise for its ground-breaking invention - Viagra, an erectile dysfunction drug. In 1979, this company won the Queen's Award for Technological Advancement. This company is credited with the production of many popular drugs, many of which are bestsellers on the market.

The Good Bits: The company has a great organisational structure. The pay is competitive, and the employee benefits are very attractive. The company has a great working environment.

The Not-So-Good Bits: The competition for employment at Pfizer is high.

The Pfizer Story

Pfizer's origins can be traced to 1849 when Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart established the company in the US a year after migrating from Germany. Pfizer started out with the production of chemical compounds, and its first headquarters was located in Williamsburg, New York. The first compound Pfizer produced is an antiparasitic known as Santonin. This compound enjoyed massive commercial success in the market, but the company's eventual citric acid production in the 80s was the difference maker. Pfizer came to the UK in 1952. A couple of years later, Pfizer purchased a site in the suburbs of Sandwich to expand its operations.

The following year, Pfizer constructed an animal-feed factory on the site and broke into the UK's non-prescription market. In 1957, the company opened an Agricultural Division at the site. Seven years later, the company purchased land opposite the site and used it for the establishment of Pfizer Central Research. The purpose of this facility was to discover new medicines as well as chemical and agricultural products for Pfizer's global operations. In 1984, the company completed the construction of a third building on the site. In 1997, the company invested £109 million in a new research facility. This created about a thousand new jobs.

Culture & Vibe

The company's culture is founded on four core values, namely equity, excellence, courage, and joy. The company fosters a positive environment that allows its employees to be seen and heard. The company is made up of different individuals united by a common denominator - the company’s mission and vision. Pfizer appreciates employee diversity and treats every worker equally regardless of race, religion, social status, sexuality, or gender. The company is regarded as a top employer of labour in the UK for a reason. The company’s working atmosphere is welcoming to fresh graduates and interns. The dress code policy includes business professional and business casual.

Career Prospects

Pfizer's apprenticeship programs give individuals a chance to learn from the best in their field, from researchers to business gurus. This program collaborates with Cogent Skills. The company’s 2-year R&D Graduation Rotation Program helps graduates develop the knowledge, attitude, and skills they will need to develop and produce medicines for clinical trials globally. Pfizer also has a 12-month Industrial Placement program for undergraduate students and a Summer Student program which can help university students to gain valuable work experience before they finish their academic program.

Recruitment Program

  • A phone interview
  • A panel interview
  • The job offer
  • Onboarding


A fresher working at Pfizer earns an average annual salary of £40,000.


  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid holidays
  • Sick leave
  • Retirement benefits
  • Bike2work scheme

Social Contributions

Pfizer has donated some of its medicines to NGOs such as the International Health Partners. The company also award grants to community investments.


There’s no widely published controversy involving Pfizer UK.

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