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What It Does: McLaren designs, constructs, and manufactures luxury, racing or sports cars as well as auto parts such as the chassis and engines. The company's racing team participates in several auto racing contests.

Mission: The company’s mission is to create superior-performing road cars and offer one of the most unforgettable driving experiences one can imagine.

Size and Presence: McLaren employs about 2,000 people across its locations in the UK. The company’s headquarters is located in Woking, England.

Best Known For: McLaren is best known for its mouth-watering collection of luxury cars. The company has several product lines, such as GT, Ultimate, Supercars, Legacy, and Souls GT. This company's racing team is credited with winning 12 Drivers’ Championships, 183 races, and 8 Constructors’ Championships.

The Good Bits: McLaren is a good place to work. The company offers its employees some attractive benefits.

The Not-So-Good Bits: Employment at McLaren comes with long work hours. The pay can be better.

The McLaren Story

McLaren's history dates back to 1963 when Bruce McLaren established a self-titled Motor Racing company. Three years later, its car racing team entered the Formula One contest for the first time. When McLaren died, Teddy Mayer succeeded him in 1970. His first major move in office was to test the Can-am series car. Mayer was credited with spearheading McLaren to their first-ever World Constructors' Championship four years after he assumed office. The team's driver was Emerson Fittipaldi, the winner of the World's Drivers Championship then. Later, Ron Dennis formed the McLaren Group and its member firms.

During the period between 1998 and 2011, the company constructed McLaren Technology Centre and McLaren Production Centre in Woking, which is its headquarters to date. The global covid-19 pandemic greatly affected McLaren, leading to the company's layoff of a quarter of its workforce to restructure the firm. In 2021, McLaren had an agreement to sell its Technology Centre in Woking to Global Net Lease for £170 million. Later that year, Greybull Capital acquired McLaren Applied.

Culture & Vibe

McLaren's an innovation-driven organisation powered by three core values: Flexibility, Loyalty, and Personal Touch. The work is done through teams, so collaboration is a big deal in the company. This helps in unifying the employees as well as strengthening their bonds. It also ensures that every employee in the company benefits from the ever-present support network, including fresh graduates and interns. McLaren is one of the top employers when it comes to the diversity of its workforce, which successfully created inclusion in the firm and gave everyone a sense of belonging regardless of their nationality, race, creed, sexuality, gender, religion, and so on. The company's dress code is Business Casual.

Career Prospects

Getting a job at McLaren is a dream because it’s a hub of hugely talented individuals. A fresher or intern working at McLaren will benefit from their exposure to state-of-the-art technology and an immersive work experience. The knowledge that will rub off on them simply by being in the same teams as some of the best minds in the industry is enough incentive. This company goes for the best young talents and ensures they're given the necessary support to reach the apex of their chosen profession. The company has a talent community open to young and enterprising individuals.

Recruitment Process

The company's interview process includes the following:

  • Phone screening
  • On-site interview (with the line manager)
  • A second on-site interview (with the senior manager)
  • The job offer
  • Onboarding


A fresher working at McLaren earns an average of £35,000 annually.


  • Health benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Paid vacations
  • PTO

Social Contributions

McLaren participates in STEM education campaigns to inspire the upcoming generation of scientists and engineers.


McLaren was involved in an espionage dispute with Ferrari.

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