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What it does: The British Broadcasting Corporation specializes in disseminating media content intended to inform, entertain, and educate the general public in the UK and the world. BBC reports news of international significance.

Mission: BBC's mission is to serve the public interest and provide high-quality and objective media content which educates, informs, and entertains the international community. 

Size and presence: BBC employs over 22,000 staff members across its offices in the UK. Its headquarters is located in London. There are other offices in Salford, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Birmingham, and Bristol. 

Best known for: BBC is one of the leading media organizations in the world. It reports news happenings all over the world, and it's one of the biggest gatekeepers of information. The media company is known for spreading its tentacles into TV and Radio broadcasting and digital media. 

The good bits: There's room for professional growth. The employee benefits are attractive. Along with excellent career prospects, BBC has a great working environment. 

The not so good bits: The work pressure is high and exhaustive at times due to the nature of work

The BBC Story

In October 1922, a group of the top wireless device manufacturers banded together and established BBC. One of the most notable minds, Marconi, was part of this group. The following month, BBC began broadcasting daily in 2LO, Marconi's London studio. Towards the end of 1922, John Reith, a Scottish engineer, was appointed the company's general manager. The company started small, disseminating information through radio technology for a few hours daily. 

The unique thing about Reith's appointment is that he didn't know jack about broadcasting. He was at a total loss on how to proceed with managing a media outfit. Plus, there was no rule or standard to serve as a guide. Reith took the initiative by becoming proactive. He experimented with innovations, and thanks to assistance from his assistant, BBC experienced gradual expansion. 

In 1927, the company was officially established by a Royal Charter, with John Reith becoming the pioneer director-general of the company. The Royal Charter outlined the objectives, obligations, and powers of the BBC. Shortly after, BBC experimented with TV broadcasting, eventually becoming a staple with the firm. Today, BBC is one of the largest media outfits with news correspondents worldwide. 

Culture & vibe

BBC has an excellent corporate culture that creates a healthy working environment. The management is flexible on decisions and easy to work with. The office is also a fun place to be because employees are encouraged to give their creative input. BBC is like a family because it makes every staff member feel valued. The co-workers are eager to help and provide support for each other to achieve a common goal. This is the right culture for fresh graduates and interns who want to build a solid footing in the media industry. The support and encouragement they will get from BBC can be essential to their professional development.

Recruitment process

BBC is a top media firm that adopts a thorough hiring process to get the best of the bunch. Their recruitment process includes:

  • Reviewing applicants' profiles and submitted applications
  • An online assessment for selected candidates
  • Professional, psychometric, and technical interviews (based on the job role you're applying for)
  • Feedback on the interview and job offer to successful candidates

Career prospects

BBC is a hub of different career opportunities, and the company, being an industry leader, is only interested in the best of the best. There's no official information on training and development programmes to upskill employees or internships to provide practical work experience for undergraduates. However, fresh graduates can get all the training they need on the job and indirect mentorship from their more experienced colleagues.


A fresher at BBC earns an annual average salary of £30,500. 


  • Paid holidays
  • Employee discounts
  • Pension benefits
  • Seasonal tickets 
  • Parental leave

Social Contributions

BBC is committed to ensuring environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In 2010, this company designed and launched the first TV production carbon calculator in the world. 


There's no widely published controversy about the BBC.

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