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What it does: Accenture specialises in strategy consulting, research & development, digital technologies, cloud computing, cyber security, management consulting, mobility, analytics, business process outsourcing, and information technology services.

Mission: Accenture's mission is to adopt the power of change to offer value and share success with its clients, stakeholders, partners, and the community.

Size and presence: Accenture employs more than 10,000 people across its offices in the UK.

Best known for: Accenture is best known as one of the top firms in its industry and the world. This company has a diverse range of services that it offers to its clientele. Accenture has been on the list of Fortune's World's Most Admired companies for 20 consecutive years, and 9 of those have been at the top spot. Accenture has also been on the list of BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Companies in the World for 17 consecutive years.

The good bits: Accenture employees enjoy several benefits and perks. The pay is good. Being a top firm, it makes an excellent addition to your CV. There are good career prospects.

The not so good bits: TGetting a job at Accenture is challenging.

The Accenture Story

Accenture didn't start as a company. It began as a business & technology consulting arm of an accounting firm known as Arthur Andersen. In 1989, Andersen Consulting split off from the accounting firm. Fast forward to 2001, Andersen Consulting eventually rebranded as Accenture. The company's name was suggested by an employee. It is derived from Accent on the Future. That same year, Accenture went public, and its shares were priced at $14.5 (£12.6) per share. Its debut on the stock market was an instant success as the company made almost $1.7 billion (£1.48 billion) by the end of the day.

In 2003, Accenture executed an IT overhaul project for the British National Health Service but withdrew in 2006. In 2017, Accenture had a deal with Apple Inc to design the iOS business software. The company made some strategic acquisitions to expand its network and influence. In 2020, the company created the Accenture Cloud First division. Accenture was incorporated in Ireland. From there, it has spread to other countries, with the UK being among the first ones

Culture & vibe

Three words best describe Accenture's culture: inclusive, open, and trusting. Accenture is an employee-oriented company, and this is great for fresh graduates because they will receive ample training and development opportunities. This company invests in its staff to create a stronger, cohesive, and durable community. The work atmosphere is very healthy, and the staff frequently engage in collaborative activities as they strive towards a common goal. The company is a melting point of ethnic, social, sexual, and gender diversity, and it treats all of its employees fairly. Accenture is an ideal starting point for fresh graduates and interns. 

Recruitment process

The company’s hiring process includes:

  • Reviewing applications
  • Interviews (via phone, video call or face-to-face)
  • Case study assessment
  • The job offer

All this can take place within three weeks. 

Career prospects

Accenture offers juicy career perks. The company has a career programme for undergraduates, interns, apprentices, graduates, and experienced hires. Accenture offers diverse career programmes depending on the field you want to specialise in. For instance, the consulting graduate programme lasts for about 15 months and comes with several perks, such as an attractive starting salary, an AMEX card, a PC, pension benefits, an interest-free seasonal ticket loan, etc. Accenture offers a Summer Vacation Scheme and Industrial Placements for undergraduates based on their area of speciality. There's the Master's Degree Apprenticeship and two other apprenticeship programmes for the apprentices. 


A fresher at Accenture earns an average annual pay of around £30,000.


  • Legal services plan
  • Discounts on a gym membership
  • ID theft insurance
  • Yearly flu shots
  • Personal excess liability insurance

Social Contributions

Accenture has been actively involved in youth empowerment which involves skills training programs for underprivileged youths. The company is also involved in providing livelihoods for people with disabilities. 


There’s no widely published controversy involving Accenture.

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